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What matters most is what you do next

To the Class of 2020

First may I offer my congratulations on what you have achieved in these last 4 years. Your work in the classroom, in your school community, on the athletic fields and in your town have brought you to this point. Congratulations.

I imagine that over the last four years you probably thought about your senior year, final exams, celebrations and your graduation ceremony with excitement, and probably some anxiety too.

I am sure, though, like all of us, you could not envision the current circumstances or that this is how you would graduate. It is beyond anything any of us could comprehend. It was unexpected, unimaginable and out of our control.

Representative Tram Nguyen advocates for the people of the 18th Essex District, which includes parts of Andover Boxford, North Andover, and Tewksbury.

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