Bill H.620

Fixes the tracking of elder abuse complaints in Assisted Living Residences and prohibits any person found by the Department of Public Health to have abused an elder or person with disability from working as a caretaker for any vulnerable people.


Bill H.1075

For legislation to establish the Massachusetts secure choice retirement program and expand the Massachusetts CORE plan to all employers.

Bill H.1669

Addresses overtime pay.

Bill H.1670

Prevents employers from discriminating against workers who report or seek care for a work-related injury.

Bill H.1980

Relative to HIV antibody or antigen testing.

Bill H.2114

Relative to standards for the use of force by trained dogs in correctional facilities.

Bill H.2414

Petition to authorize voluntary contributions on income tax returns for a separate fund to be known as the Massachusetts fund for vulnerable countries most affected by climate change.

Bill H.2583

Petition for providing better notices and protections in the process for collecting delinquent property taxes.

Bill H.2756

Calling for the issuance of an annual proclamation by the Governor to designate May 6th as Moyamoya disease awareness day.

Bill H.2914

Ensures that municipalities, agencies of the Commonwealth, or private electric customers can procure local energy services, establish a microgrid, or use public rights of way to generate energy and promote resiliency without interference from a franchise or service provider.

Bill H.2915

Addresses municipal authority in regards to gas and electric companies.

Bill H.3413

Elaborates on prohibition of discrimination based on height and weight.

Bill H.3414

Encourages victims of violent crimes and sex trafficking to assist in efforts made by law enforcement to ensure justice for all Massachusetts residents while also providing them with legal relief.

Bill H.3700

This bill would recognize the flag of the Vietnamese National Army, which fought against Communism, as the official flag of the Vietnamese American community in Massachusetts.

Bill H.3752

This bill will help people with intellectual or developmental disabilities with securing access to employment and with maintaining their jobs. It would require that Community Based Day Supports (“CBDS”) programs include an employment program that helps those individuals find employment in a community setting and provides ongoing support services after placement.

Bill H.3772

Prohibits people convicted of animal neglect, abuse, or cruelty from adopting or fostering animals.

Bill H.3808

Protects homes and livelihoods of federal workers during and after government shutdowns.

Bill H.3894

Holds public utility companies accountable for any property damages they have caused.

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