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Reflecting and repairing democracy

ANDOVER — Dozens of people lined the road at Shawsheen Square holding candles and signs recognizing the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. “Jan. 6 day of infamy. Never again,” read one sign held by Maureen Hastings of Chelmsford, who came to the vigil organized by the organization Greater Andover Indivisible. Her sign was in reference to the mob that stormed the Capitol as Congress was certifying the election results.

“I was so disturbed by what I saw last year, I had to do something,” Hastings said. “I don’t know how to do big changes, but this is something I can do. and it puts me in touch with other groups that can lead me to doing more.” It was important for many to come stand together to memorialize the day.

“It’s a day of reflection to look back at how close we came to losing democracy,” said state Rep. Tram Nguyen, D-Andover. “And resolve ourselves to work harder to preserve and protect those ideals to help our country recover and build back a stronger more equitable nation.”

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