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On Beacon Hill, newly elected women are mistaken for legislative aides. Repeatedly

By Stephanie Ebbert, Boston Globe

Close your eyes and consider the words “state rep.”

Whose image springs to mind?

Tram T. Nguyen, a youthful-looking Vietnamese-American woman elected to the House in November, pointedly challenged that assumption on Twitter this week, when she recounted an exchange with a lobbyist who just couldn’t see her as a legislator.

“Lobbyist: ‘Are you Rep X’s aide?’ ” Nguyen wrote on Twitter.

“Me (in full suit): ‘No.’

“Lobbyist: ‘Are you Rep Y’s aide?’

“Me: ‘No. I’m Rep Nguyen.’

“Lobbyist: ‘Oh, you’re Rep Nguyen’s aide.’

“Me: ‘No! I’m the representative.’ ”

“This is why we need more women,” Nguyen wrote, specifically calling for more women of color in leadership positions.

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