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Notes from the Train: Tram Nguyen

By Mina Pollmann, part of a series of interviews with candidates endorsed by Young Democrats of Massachusetts

 (1) What is the issue you have learned the most about by talking directly to voters as part of the campaigning process? 

Voters are looking for elected officials who are available and accessible to constituents and willing to work with them to address issues that matter most to our communities — health care, education, infrastructure, local aid, public safety, environmental protection, and more. They are tired of false promises, and they want a representative who can deliver real results.

(2) What gets you excited to wake up in the morning and spend the day campaigning? 

People are excited to get behind a state representative who is committed to fighting for justice and equal rights and advocating for opportunities for all. Their excitement and encouragement help me stay excited and motivated to campaign even harder.

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