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Rep. Nguyen promotes new bills

Just over a month into her first term, state Rep. Tram Nguyen, D-Andover, has been filing a plethora bills for the new legislative session, largely aimed at protecting the abused.

“My bills aim to protect our most vulnerable populations, advocate for working families, address environmental concerns, and ensure public utility companies are held accountable,” Nguyen said. “I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve as your State Representative, and I’m incredibly humbled by your continued support.”

Here are some highlights:

HD.2945, “An Act to promote safety for victims of violent crime and human trafficking,” encourages victims of violent crimes and sex trafficking to help law enforcement and also provides those victims with legal relief.

HD.2947, “An Act to protect injured workers,” prevents employers from discriminating against workers who report or seek care for a work-related injury.

HD.1882, “An Act to promote local energy resiliency,” allows municipalities, agencies of the Commonwealth or private electric customers to procure local energy services, establish a microgrid or use public rights of way to generate energy and promote resiliency without interference from a franchise or service provider.

HD.1887 prohibits people convicted of animal neglect, abuse, or cruelty from adopting or fostering animals.

HD.2960 fixes the tracking of elder abuse complaints in Assisted Living Residences and prohibits any person found by the Department of Public Health to have abused an elder or person with disability from working as a caretaker for any vulnerable people.

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