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Nguyen holds campaign kickoff, rallies supporters

By Kelsey Bode, The Eagle-Tribune (Excerpts)

“In today’s political climate it is so easy to feel despair,” Nguyen told supporters Wednesday. “But look at all the people here. I believe in our community and we can make change. My own history shows what is possible when you give opportunities and resources to people in need.”

Nguyen pointed to the passage of the Billingual Education Bill in November as a major victory; but pointed out that Lyons was the sole vote against the bill.

“I can promise I will get things done,” Nguyen said. “I’m not going to give up until we have a stronger more inclusive community, and every single child has the opportunity to succeed.”

She continued to say she believed people should be able to retire comfortably and afford health care, and that the environment needs to be a priority in the eyes of the legislature.

“If you work hard, you should be able to buy a home,” Nguyen said. “Aren’t these basic rights?”

Governor’s Councillor Eileen Duff also attended the event. “Tram is the face of this district,” Duff said. “She’s young, smart, energetic, and represents the very best things not just of the commonwealth, but this area. She’s going to work hard and represent the people who live here today.”

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