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Letter: Nguyen is a smart, experienced representative

Editor, Townsman:

We are so pleased to support Rep. Tram Nguyen for reelection as state representative for the 18th Essex District.

Nguyen is a tremendous asset to our community in that she is energetic, very smart, well experienced in legal and social issues, and has the capacity to listen and follow the leads of her constituents.

Our district, and country, need a person to represent us who has her own ideas but is also willing to listen to new ideas and work collaboratively with others.

Nugyen's first term has proven that this is true.

Her focus on the needs of climate change and environmental issues, housing, immigrants, the opioid issue and violence prevention have been what our community needs.

We urge your readers to support and vote for Tram Nguyen.

Kay Frishman and Ron Hilbink


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