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L’Italien endorses Nguyen, takes shot at former foe Lyons

By Kelsey Bode, Andover Townsman (Excerpts)

“I am proud to endorse Tram, a smart and bold advocate who will be a fantastic public servant for this district, and an ally to working families and those least fortunate,” L’Italien said. “We will be well-served with the skills, life experience, and bright vision for the future that Tram brings to the table.”

“Women need to stand together,” L’Italien said. “Tram has a great shot at winning this seat. It’s time to replace the Legislature’s most notorious conservative with an experienced woman with fresh ideas.”

“Since Jim Lyons was elected he has shown us his inability to pass a single bill in his eight years in office,” L’Italien said. “He has shown us how committed he is to advancing policies that hurt working families and civil rights. Lyons’ days of fear-mongering to a small, far-right base are numbered.”

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