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‘I knew that it was possible’: Tram Nguyen ousts Republican state. Rep Jim Lyons in election upset

By Christopher Gavin,

Tram Nguyen’s upset victory Tuesday night against 18th Essex District Republican incumbent state Rep. Jim Lyons came as a surprise even to the candidate herself.

Nguyen, an Andover legal aid attorney who came to the United States with her family as a political refugee from Vietnam at age 5, beat out the four-term lawmaker with about a 54 percent vote majority — a victory she credited to an aggressive campaign focused on making sure constituents’ voices are heard.

“We thought that the race was going to be very close and the results completely surpassed our expectations,” the political newcomer told Wednesday. “I did not come in expecting I was going to win, but I knew that it was possible — and that’s what we worked for.”

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