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For women seeking Mass. House, a record year

By Sophia Eppolito, Boston University Statehouse Program

BOSTON — Tram Nguyen went into election night feeling cautiously optimistic, even hopeful. The first-time candidate for state representative sat at her election party, focusing on writing her speech when her campaign manager turned to her with a shocked expression on his face.

“Representative Nguyen,” he said. “You’ve won every precinct in Andover.”

Nguyen, who lives in Andover, had just defeated conservative Republican Rep. Jim Lyons, the incumbent in the 18th Essex District and another Andover resident, with about a 54 percent vote majority. The district includes Andover, North Andover, Boxford and Tewksbury.

“Even in a best scenario we never thought we would win every single precinct in Andover,” Nguyen said. “It was just so thrilling — and then we won Boxford and then we won North Andover.”

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