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An Advocate for the Community: An Interview with Tram Nguyen

By Alexandra Benjamin, Tufts Observer

Ale Benjamin: So how did you end up getting involved in that race?

Tram Nguyen: So, [as a legal aid] I serve seniors, veterans, people with disabilities, survivors of domestic violence, and other vulnerable groups, and in doing this…as both an advocate and attorney I’ve done legislative advocacy on my clients’ behalf, and have either worked on or supported bills at the State House that would improve the quality of life of my clients and everyone else in the Commonwealth. And in working on [those] bills…I’ve realized that my district has not had the representation that we deserve…I’m running as a Democrat against a far-right Tea Party Republican…he has been in office since 2010 and has not passed a single bill. And not only that, I find his positions to be so extreme that I don’t think he represents the values of the people of this community…he’s so far right that most of what he does doesn’t even get the support of his Republican colleagues, never mind the Democratic majority…and that’s why he hasn’t been able to get the funding and resources we need as a community.

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